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Together we make the World a Better Place 

“You were not born to be a spectator of others while they live life to the fullest. You too were born to make the world a better place, so put your talents into good use.”
― Gift Gugu Mona

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Our Story

All through the ages, recorded history tells us and shows us that the flaws in humanity have lead people, either individually or as a collective, to seek to subjugate others at the cost of an individuals’ inalienable human rights, freedoms, and liberties.

At times these people, either individually or as a collective, do this for nefarious gain, and at other times in the belief that their subjugation of others, in their moral view, is required for the common good and collective of humanity, somewhat likened to a god complex.

And indeed, history shows us that when those who are being subjugated to a point where it so fundamentally subverts their individual and inalienable human rights, freedoms, and liberties, therein begins an uprising to challenge those who seek to subjugate others, no matter how well intentioned.

To this end we have formed Unity Australia…..


We value a humanitarian approach which supports basic human rights, integrity, compassion, respect and decency.


    Unity Australia, by the very nature of our name seek to be inclusive, transparent, and accountable, however we reserve the right to restrict the use of the Unity Australia platform if we deem it will undermine our overall vision, mission, and purpose

    Our Mission & Approach


    “A flourishing, fair Australian society”

    United communities creating positive change.


    1. To provide a central Connection Hub for liberty focused people, groups and local businesses.
    2. To provide a Communication Network which will enable this platform to:
    • Give a voice to all groups
    • Support all local businesses that support this cause.
    1. To develop this platform for:
    • The exchange of information and ideas
    • The promotion of liberty oriented events and the coordination of action plans for such events.
    • Informing and educating all.
    1. To raise awareness and grow our supporter base so as to defend our inalienable human rights and promote a sovereign way of life for present and future generations.

    More About Unity Australia

    Why Unity Australia?

    Unity Australia is here to provide a platform for connection between what can be loosely termed the freedom movement within Australia. Events of the past 3 years has seen the emergence of groups both large and small, each with their own particular focus. Whilst this is good there is something missing and that is the ability for these groups to connect and communicate with each other.


    Why is this important?

    You, like us here at Unity Australia, will be aware of the ever increasing threats to our individual rights and sovereignty. The list of threats is large and there is no need to go into detail about each of them but suffice to say society is being coerced, threatened and manipulated into digital servitude and compliance to a globalist agenda that cares little about humanity.

    Throughout history when despotic regimes have sought control over their people the most effective push back has been through courageous people coming together to create parallel communities and economies. Importantly the key ingredient of this has been communication and connection.

    Communication and connection means ideas and skills can be quickly shared between the groups with growth and success being achieved by synergy or what can be termed economies of scale. In other words if an initiative is working well in say Queensland then that knowledge needs to be shared with groups in other states. Success cannot be achieved by groups acting alone but can be by Unity, communication and connection.


    What this means.

    Simply put this means there is a need for a connection hub which is able to effectively distribute information to all of us involved in taking a stand for the ideals which unite us all. This can be achieved by groups or individuals becoming part of Unity Australia. We are here to make a real difference and our focus is on not lamenting what’s going on but to be proactive and solution focused.

    This also means if you want to share information, or get in touch with another particular group you can easily do so within this platform.

    We consider it important that you view this platform as you own. We encourage you to get involved and use the resources we have available when appropriate.


    What this does not mean.

    This does not mean we have any intentions of being involved in the direction and management of any other organisation within the freedom movement. Your business is your business.

    We respect your privacy. This means when you join Unity Australia you decide if you want your groups details to be public. Similarly any contact details can be kept private. The whole focus is on facilitating connection between ourselves and not on a public display. Let me say this one more time you choose what you wish to share through this website, the important thing is that we grow connections within this community.


    Who is this for?

    We have used terms like groups and organisations and that can sound intimidating. So to be clear Unity Australia is here for anyone and everyone who sees what is going on and shares the values of this community. I doesn’t matter if you a large organisation, a small meet up group or and individual you are most welcome here.


    Growing the Unity Community

    One of the issues we have is as a whole the freedom movement tends to live in an echo chamber where we are talking only amongst ourselves. If we are serious about growing our parallel community we need to start to do something about this.

    On this website you will see our Community Directory. This directory is one of our initiatives to expand connections beyond active freedom focused groups to include others who share our values but due to various reasons are not part of any particular group.

    An example of this are local businesses. We all remember how these hard working people were bullied, oppressed and often put out of work by mandates and government overreach. We want to support these businesses and individuals within them. Our aim is to promote their products and services to like minded members of the community. We need to support business economically by spending our cash (yes cash) with them rather than with those who are part of the problem.

    This is hard to do when we do not know who they are, that is why we are actively encouraging local traders to list their services with Unity Australia so we can in turn promote them to our broader membership. Unity Australia will be directing a lot of our resources to assisting small business to be successful and in turn asking them to provide benefits to our members. This is a topic you will learn more about as we grow but for now be sure to check our directories should you require a particular service and support our small business in these trying times.

    Community connect

    The pressures of recent times has seen the emergence of something truly  wonderful…

    Providing Solutions

    Unity Australia go beyond just talking the talk we walk the walk by providing real world solutions to the challenges we face…

    local directories

    Any individual or organisation seeking to grow and prosper will benefit from our local directory resource…

    Event Promotion

    Discover how to boost awareness of your event or activity with free promotion to thousands of like minded people…

    With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place

    Unity Australia will always offer support to those pushing back against policies that will erode life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We encourage you to assist our efforts.

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    “One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”
    ― Shannon L. Alder