Forest of the Fallen

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The Forest Of The Fallen

The Forest of the Fallen is an emotional, awareness raising visual installation that is designed to speak for itself.

This video produced by RE-GEN media and Selkis story below will inform you better than our words here.

We are actively looking for volunteers to support this most worthy cause and if you require more information you can contact the organisers by clicking here.

“I needed to show my children at least, that you CAN stand up for what’s right. In fact, you MUST stand up, if you are to live with dignity and self-respect.”

Selkis Story.

This project started in October of 2021 after seeing a similar display done in Brisbane, all with CoVid19 vaccine deaths and injury victims from around the world.

 The victims in Brisbane, were all from overseas, but I knew we had that many on our own soil, since the start of the roll out in Australia. I thought, “someone will do an all Australian one soon”. Time went on and no one did it, so I stuck a bamboo stick in the ground with just one story and began from there. 

I also knew that online, a story can only go so far, windows can be closed. But in public, face to face, there is no turning away.

Today, the display has 500+ and growing daily. All Australian deaths, injuries and disabilities caused by the vaccines. All are sourced from numerous sites; some are personally shared. These are only stories shared by the brave ones, so it leaves little to the imagination as to the real numbers out there.

 After obtaining about 80 names,  JIA started picking up the stories and have been a huge instrument in helping get this truth out. We got names and stories from News Sites across the states and territories board, (many you can’t access or see without subscription), from Go Fund Me pages where people are seeking financial help for medical expenses, from Covid blogs, YouTube etc…you find them in all corners of the internet if you know how and where to look.

I would say 80% are clinically diagnosed and sadly this usually accompanies some form of medical negligence, the victims being gaslit or unheard, until they regress. Sharing their stories is so important as it shows that they are not alone and can gain support from communities like Jab Injuries Australia and and more.

The community of Australian vaccine victims is growing, in a world where accessing help from the medical community is practically nonexistent.

I’m a sole parent with a healthy family. I could not stand by and watch fellow neighbors go through this with no understanding or even connecting the dots as to why their health is deteriorating. Why many around them are passing on suddenly or suddenly being diagnosed with onset of stage 4 cancer. Why their symptoms are being played only as CoVid reactions or something else.

I had to fight, even if it meant standing in the face of adversity, disagreeing with the medical ‘experts’ or friends in my own community. I needed to show my children at least, that you CAN stand up for what’s right. In fact, you MUST stand up, if you are to live with dignity and self-respect. We KNOW that people are not seeing what is going on watching MSM and behind closed medical curtains. Never has the quote “ITS NOT TRUE…UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO YOU!” been so relevant as now.

 Don’t be afraid to stand up, there is always someone else that will stand up with you. So just DO IT. If you can save one life then isn’t that worth it?

 All my love


Tips On Engaging With The Public

People look at their own pace and interact with us in passing, or approaching us to know more.

You may have some great responses but these may also help.

-are you vaxxed/are you the anti-vaxxers? ‘Each one of these stories are of Australians who took the injection.

-what’s this about? ‘Sharing stories for those whose voices are being silenced by media, government, health. Each have been injured or have died as a result of the injection.

if they engage kindly ask:
‘what is it that you know so far?’
‘What news outlets do you follow/where do you get your information from?’

if they complain try this Feel -Felt Found technique:

It goes like this… When they state an objection diffuse the situation by saying ” I understand how you feel, many people we have spoken to felt the same but they found when they looked at all the facts that in fact the Covid 19 vaccine has caused an untold number of adverse reactions and deaths around the world, way more than all other vaccines combined over the last 50 years, and the number is growing daily. Would you like me to send you some independent scientific research about this?”

🌳share any good ideas on the day/after the event so we can build on how we converse with individuals-some of which may be very confronted with information that they didn’t even know existed.

This Is How You Can Help The Forest Of The Fallen Campaign

Are you able to Volunteer?

The Forest of the Fallen is an emotive installation that requires help from volunteers to set up and be available to engage with members of the public who wish to learn more.

Every installation to date has been very well received and really does “wake people up” to the sad reality of this situation.

We require the help of around six people to assist with the initial installation and four to be on site for the duration of the display.

The installation is in place for 3 – 4 hours however you are not expected to be on site for the entire duration as we can allocate a period of time that suits you.

It really is a very pleasant day out with you having the chance to catch up with like minded volunteers whilst raising community awareness in a peaceful respectful manner.

If you can lend a hand please click the button below to register your interest and our volunteer co-ordinator will be in touch with more details regarding places and times.

Note: If you have a location in mind please let us know as we intend to present this installation at sites throughout Adelaide and in future around South Australia.

Donations Appreciated

We intend to have more displays of this type so we can have multiple installations at sites within Adelaide and hopefully around South Australia.

To acheive this goal we require funding in order to produce the installation.

If you can help contribute to this most worthy cause it will be most appreciated. You will find the donation form below. Note: All donations are for material costs only and are exclusive to the Forest of the Fallen campaign.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does.”  – William James