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Communication is key. It’s time we got connected.

The Unity Australia platform has two excellent communication tools, the fortnightly newsletter and the events calendar. The newsletter and calendar will support the many community networks that have emerged in recent times.  In South Australia and all over the world, people from all walks of life have come together through rallies and various groups to educate ourselves, care for each other and shape a better future. These tribes include Guardians, Stand in the Park, special interest groups for gardening, walking and Common Law. Unity Australia is offering a platform which can help groups build membership, stay connected and promote their activities. 

This coordinated approach has great potential for strengthening and growing our community.

Imagine for a moment a thousand tiny streams running down a mountainside looking to reach the mighty river. Due to their size each one only has the strength to flow so far before it can’t go any further but if that stream connects with another it gathers more energy and picks up the pace before connecting with another and another until they are themselves a mighty river, they are unstoppable, they are forging their own destiny.

Connecting communities reduces the burden on individuals and provides many advantages:

    • Social support
    • Fund raising
    • Networking
    • Communication
    • Access to tools and strategies only available to larger organisations
    • Strength through inter group co-operation
    • Knowledge sharing
    • Being able to achieve your groups goals
    • Political power

We expect all site users to embrace our values of honesty, integrity and respect and uphold our common natural law responsibility to do no harm to others or their property. Unity Australia will respect our users and not interfere in their individual group policies or structures. 

We welcome you to Unity Australia and look forward to building a brighter future together.

Let’s get connected!

    Unity Australia is action focussed. We know that if we are to survive and thrive into the future we need to get serious about creating the life we want and deserve. Unity in action means that we step forward to offer real help to each other.  We have identified several areas for attention and action and seek your help to ensure these best meet the needs of our community:

    1. Communication Support

    We encourage our users to contribute items for our newsletter and calendar so that these are relevant, useful and timely communications. We hope to avoid the situation where people miss out on the information they need and the frustrating feeling that comes with “I didn’t even know it was on – I would have gone if I knew about it.” Whether you are an individual, a group, a supplier or a consumer, excellent communication is essential for social and economic wellbeing.

    2. Financial Support

    Unity Australia website includes a donations page which can assist you and your group raise funds for an action or event. When you place your request for funding on the donations page, our network will greatly increase your chances of securing the funds you need. There is no charge for this facility, which is fully transparent and accountable. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you to set this feature up.

    A second financial tool we offer is the ability to generate ticket sales through the website. Similar to Eventbrite, this facility enables us to keep our ticketing operations local and more responsive to local requirements.

    3. Marketing Support

    We can connect you with local people who can support your small business with ideas for promotion and marketing. We are keen to work with small business operators because we know they generate the economic wealth that strengthens and sustains local communities.  A vibrant local economy boosts community wellbeing.

    Once again…

    Let’s get connected!


    Would you like to promote your group or business to thousands of like minded people? Or maybe you would like to find a certain product or service in your local area? If so you can by using the Unity Australia online directory feature.

    Let’s look a little closer…

    The Group Directory – promotion/connection

    Due to the current situation many like minded people have come together to form community organisations. These may be larger groups such as Guardians SA or Adelaide Freedom Rally or smaller groups that are happy just doing their own thing. Either way from time to time these organisations, or their individual members would benefit from being able to get their message out to the broader freedom focused community. Similarly, we hear all to often, that events of interest just come and go with the lament “Oh I would have liked to have gone to that but I didn’t even know that it was on”.

    This is an issue that Unity Australia is here to rectify. By providing your contact details to Unity Australia you will always be kept up to date with activities or events taking place in South Australia. As mentioned this works both ways, if you ever want a message put out to the larger community we are here to help.

    Please note Unity Australia is primarily a communication platform. We respect the wishes of each community and seek only to enhance inter group communication.

    Furthermore we understand that some organisations wish to remain discreet and do not want their details to be made public. If this is the case you can be confident that your details will not appear on a public directory, instead all communication and interaction with Unity Australia will be private and confidential. Also there are no fees or obligations attached to this, we are merely seeking to honour our slogan of … let’s get connected.  

    The Business directory – promotion/advertising

    This is exciting. Isn’t it about time we helped our small, local businesses here in South Australia?

    So very many of us want to support those who support us, but who are they, where are they? The Unity Australia business directory is here for you and your business. Separate directories will be created for the different towns or regions and each directory will consist of categories to accommodate each type of business. This will allow users from wherever they are located to easily identify you as a welcoming business, your location and the products or service you have to offer.

    As they say on the adverts… “but wait that’s not all”… far from it! As a member of the Unity Australia business directory you will benefit from…

    1. Free targeted advertising.

    Our newsletters and social media posts mean that you will be able to promote yourself to many thousands of highly receptive potential clients and customers. Why not use Unity Australia to help increase awareness of what you have to offer, grow your customer base and increase revenue? For example you may wish to promote a special offer or offer a coupon to our subscriber base – this can be done and the best part is that this amazing advertising opportunity is without any cost to you. Free targeted advertising to a receptive audience – what’s not to like!

    2. Business marketing.

    This is where we go the extra mile. During the formation of Unity Australia we thought what can we do that is different, what more can we do to really lend a hand and be of benefit to our small business community? We fortunately have members with a wide range of skills within Unity Australia and they  came up with the intention of helping by providing a wide range of business marketing and development tools.

    These tools cover pretty much all that is needed to help business stand out and succeed in a competitive marketplace. Many of the ideas our team came up with are often only available to larger organisations with big marketing budgets but not any more. As a member of unity Australia you will have access to these products and whilst they won’t be free they will be provided on a try before you buy basis and at a price you will not find elsewhere. Put simply if you want to try out these marketing tools on a risk free trial then that’s fine … we want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

    Note. These business marketing products will be added to this site shortly after the official launch of the Unity Australia website.

    Let’s get connected

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    Move over Eventbrite. Unity Australia has put in place the infrastructure for our members to host and promote your events. When you are planning an event, be it large or small, you will benefit from using the Unity Australia platform. We offer.

      • An easy process to submit your own events via our online form
      • Placement on our at a glance event calendar.
      • The ability to charge for for your events with the Unity Australia on line ticketing system. Which unlike other ticketing payment processors is free and you will not incur any fees.
      • Free event advertising. Your event will be promoted to a large and ever growing, receptive market through our social media marketing and newsletters.
      • Unity Australia can assist with the design and production of any marketing or advertising material that you may require. Such things as online advertising, flyers, posters and brochure production.

    If you are hosting an event you can enter it on to the site by clicking here. Note to prevent abuse of the system your event will appear once it has been approved by our moderators.

    To discuss how we can help with ticket sales or event marketing please email us by clicking here

    Let’s get connected…

    About Campaigns

    Effective campaigns are yet another reason why it is so very important for us all to get connected. Under most circumstances campaign organisers want to reach as many people as possible. This is why Unity Australia provides a platform to achieve the promotion of your campaign to a large number of people both within the Unity Australia community and to a wider public audience. We also provide you with the ability to raise funds for your campaign/s through our donation platform.

    To enquire about Unity Australia assisting in promoting a campaign you can email us here. 

    Lets’ get connected!